K.G & 1 To 8

Kindergarten Security & Facilities

Security and Safety

  • All rooms are live telecast to parents so that they know exactly, what is happening while their kid is at Bambino.
  • RFID tracking of the vehicles and live telecast of the van during transit.
  • SMS alert to parents when the kid reaches Bambino home and leaves the campus.
  • All floors are soft cushioned to avoid possible injuries.
  • Special care taken to ensure NO sharp points or edges on surfaces the kid could come in contact.
  • All toys and equipment are made of non-toxic material and in keeping with International standards.
  • Our Center is at a prime location but at a safe distance from traffic.


1. Few facilities include :

  • Indoor and Outdoor play area
  • Riding toys
  • Theme driven class room walls
  • Bambino Little Theatre
  • Music and Video facility

2. Entertainment Facilities

  • Children love playing, running around, dancing, singing and having lots of fun with one another. 
  • That is why in all our centers, we have very colorful and spacious enrichment areas with soft floors or carpets and various items which add to their excitement and enrichment.

Daily Updates

It is the parents right to know how their kid is performing.  Parents to receive daily updates on the activities the kid had performed via digital mobile app campus dean and other media on their mobile.


  1. Clean classrooms, dinning area and pantry.
  2. Toys and other playing equipment cleaned daily.
  3. Separate toilet for each class.
  4. Toilets cleaned 4 time daily, and immediately in case of excess soiling.

1 to 8 Primary School

Primary Education

Primary education (Elementary education) lasts seven years. In India, Primary education is segmented into two parts:

  1. Lower Primary – (Grades 1 to 4)
  2. Upper Primary – (Grades 5 to 8)

Objectives of Primary Education

  • The main objectives are to make your kid achieve high living standards; face challenges posed by technology; and advance basic values and citizenship.
  • It offers an ocean of opportunities for your child to make friends and develop communication skills.
  • Children who do not obtain a fundamental education throughout their early years, comprising the alphabet, counting, colors, and shapes are going to fall behind other children who possess this basic knowledge.
Primary education Student Photos
Primary education has several advantages in the development of your child. Here, some of them are described:
  • It imparts a thorough boost to your child.
  • It improves your kids’ awareness.
  • Bolsters social and emotional development.
  • It improves communication and reading skills.
  • It teaches your child confidence and independence.
  • Kids deprived of access to primary education risk a greater likelihood of suffering exploitation and violence.
  • While primary education determines the development and growth of an array of aspects of your child in society.
  • n the other hand, having a poor quality of primary education or its dearth can lead kids to ignorance.
  • Consequently, primary education is the most critical stage of your child’s life.
  • It shapes them into better thinkers, learners, and human beings.

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